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toki @ UQ

We are currently trialling the concept of 'toki' @ The University of Queensland.


Transitioning into uni life is a lot.

Social connection is integral to our well-being. But life transitions like entering university and jumping into a whole new community of people often make us feel disconnected. In fact, 1 in 2 18-to 24-year-olds report that they aren't feeling socially connected enough. That's why 'toki' - which in Japanese means "a moment in time" - wants to help UQ students transform their everyday moments of uni life into little nuggets of social connection.

How to post your 'toki' suggestion

A 'toki' can be anything that you feel like doing in the moment - whether that's grabbing a bite between classes, going to an event you're too scared to go alone, or venturing off campus to explore Brisbane... the possibilities are infinite! Turn the urge into a spontaneous opportunity to connect with new others by posting a toki suggestion. 


We are currently trialling having students post their toki suggestions directly to the 'toki @ UQ' Facebook group using their own Facebook accounts. Students seem to be more comfortable joining in on tokis where they can see who posted it, but you are welcome to flick on the "Post anonymously" button when you post, if you'd like :)


'toki @ UQ' looks like...

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