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We are an app in the works so you can spontaneously find the perfect someone to share a moment doing what you feel like, whenever the feel strikes.

wanna toki?

We all have moments when our hearts call for a certain something (e.g., I really feel like sushi tonight…). What if you can turn this urge into a spontaneous opportunity for a moment of social connection? We are creating toki, so that you can make this happen.

To share a moment in time

'toki' in Japanese means "a moment in time". Our hope is that our app will empower you to be present in the moment by tuning into what you want to do, and make it a bit more special by sharing it with others. Simply enjoy the moment for what it is. No worries, no expectations.

Our mission is to make social connection spontaneously accessible.

Social connection is a basic human need, and some of the most magical moments of connectedness come when we least expect it. That's why toki is all about helping add a social boost to the little moments of your life.

toki for anyone, any moment.

What a beautiful day! I'd love to have someone join me and my dog for a walk by the river.
My friends and I will be at the Burrow for some beers tonight. Wanna join us? 
Wish I had someone to play tennis with after work today...
Super keen to check out the new exhibition at GOMA. Let's go be artsy together <3
Craving yum cha... but can't yum cha alone! Anyone available to come dumpling out with me this morning?
I'm new to Brisbane. Show me around the city on a magic e-scooter ride!

Join us on our journey to make toki happen.

We are currently in the process of developing toki, and would love to have you be part of our story.


Be the first to try toki and tell us all your thoughts!


Interested in having tokis at your venue? 

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and their custodianship of the beautiful lands throughout Australia on which we get to toki. 

We pay our respects to their Ancestors and their descendants, who continue cultural and spiritual connections to Country.

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